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Welcome to Asēdos

Asēdos specialises in world class perfume & perfume oils, hand blended to perfection and artistically inspired by familiar designer scents you know and love. All our collection are colorant, toxin, cruelty free & animal friendly. We have sourced very carefully to ensure that each ingredient is ethically and sustainably harvested and indigenous to its land. Hand crafted here in Melbourne, Australia; discover our wide range of personalised perfume oils & perfume dupes.

What are perfume oils?

Perfume oils are the new trend in the market of perfumes. In comparison to designer perfumes, scents are much higher in perfume oils, the longevity is obviously longer, and its natural compound makes it preferable for the skin.

Perfume oils have been in use for centuries; in this article we will highlight the very 6 reasons why you must try them.

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